Prices & Fees

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. In order to prevent negative impacts on the park and to ensure availability of accommodation and services for all guests, visitors are required make an advanced booking prior to their trip to arrange for permits, food, accommodation, camping equipment and guides.  All visitors entering the park and on all camping trips must be accompanied by a National Park staff and Community Guide.  We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


All trips include community development fees, park entry fees, guides, food, equipment and lodging. Packages do not include transportation to/from the park. If you have any food allergies or are a vegetarian, please inform your guide before your tour so that he can make the necessary substitutions. Please note Park Entry and Development Fee are only paid once notwithstanding the length of your trip.


The price of your stay will be determined using the below. These can be paid in Leones, USD and EUR.

  • Park Entrance Fee - Le 127,500 ($15) for international adult and Le 37,500 ($5) for national adult

  • Community Development Fee - Le 127,500 ($15) for international adult and Le 37,500 ($5) for national adult

  • Guesthouse Fee - Le 127,500 ($15) per night per international adult (required when staying at a lodge)

  • Camping Fee - Le 85,000 ($10) per night per international adult (required when camping / 50% discount for those with their own equipment)

  • Gola Rainforest National Park Guide - Le 51,000 ($6) per guide per day (required on all camping trips)

  • Community Guide - Le 34,000 ($4) per guide/porter per day (required on all trips, 1 guide for every 2 tourists on camping trips or 1 guide for every 6 tourists on day trips)

  • Guesthouse Staff - Le 34,000 ($4) per staff per day (required for stays at a lodge, 1 staff for every 3 tourists on overnight stays, 1 staff for every 6 tourists for days trips)

  • Food - Le 85,000 ($10) per day. Note that two half days will count as 1 day.